Human Heroes

Its funny how I care so much,
Yet you don’t even see,
The tears I cry at night,
In broken hearted misery.

You were my obsession,
The one I looked up to.
You could cheer me up,
When I was feeling blue.

One day you let me down.
You broke my high ideals.
I can’t explain the pain,
That my heart still feels.

But a wise one said to me,
Remember we’re all men.
We live in a fallen world
That’s corrupted by sin.

So even though you hurt me.
I still love you,
No matter what comes our way
We will make it through.



So many all around us,
Weary and forlorn.
They’re full of pain and heartache,
Wishing they’d not been born.

We are all so busy,
Rushing here and there.
“Is my makeup right?
What about my hair?”

If we’d stop a moment,
And look at those in need,
We could lend a healing balm,
To the broken hearts that bleed.

It only takes a moment.
It’s not that hard to say,
A gentle word of kindness,
And brighten someone’s day.

Like little drops of water,
Can quench a scorching leaf,
One little word of heart felt love,
Can soften someone’s grief.


Blank Pages

Fresh and crisp,
Pure and white,
What a grand
And glorious sight!

Straight lines marching,
Across every page,
Waiting for storms
Of inspiration to rage.

I dream of the words
Each sheet will hold.
How many stories
Here will get told?

An empty notebook,
Gives me a thrill.
The paper so clean,
My words will soon fill.



A poet, a writer,

A master of words.

I fill empty paper,

When the blood of ink stirs.


I write with passion,

With a vision in sight.

Sometimes I work,

Far into the night.


The lines of poetry,

Lining the pages-

I ask myself often,

Will they last through the ages?


Dickens and Poe,

Famous they are.

Do I have what it takes

To reach that bright star?


But a peace fills my soul,

When I think of the times,

I’ve spent spinning tales

And making up rhymes.


I know that whatever

May happen to me;

If my name gets

Forgotten in history-


I’ve completed my calling,

And I’ve done my job well.

Even if no one

My story will tell.



Lonely Heart

Whisper blossom,
In my ear.
Gentle wind,
Dry my tear.

Birds a’ singing,
Tell me please,
Of a healing balm,
The pain to ease.

Waters deep,
So cold and dark,
Wash away
My bleeding heart.

Can’t someone
Take away,
The haunting thoughts,
Of yesterday?


When I’m Gone



Life on earth is but a day,

A day that’s passing by.

The time is fast approaching,

When in the grave I’ll lie.


I do not fear the path,

That stretches on ahead.

I draw near to paradise,

With each step I tread.


But questions haunt my mind,

As I think of death,

Who will hold my weary hand,

When I draw my final breath?


Who will spill their bitter tears

Upon my scattered hair?

Who will cling to a piece of silk,

From a dress I used to wear?


Who will gaze on my picture,

In the frame of ivory?

But last of all, this fleeting thought,

Who will read my diary?