What I Want

I found this hidden in a pile of random notes. I thought it wasn’t too bad and that I’d share it with you all. Enjoy!

He asked me what I’m looking for,
What it is I want.
A diamond set in gold,
That I can proudly flaunt?

I realized as I thought
About my past mistakes,
I only want our love to last,
No matter what it takes.

I don’t want ropes of jewels,
Or a cruise to tropic isles.
I want a best friend by my side,
Through the storms and the trials.

I want to laugh through the happy times,
And dry each others tears.
I want to be beside him,
While together we face our fears.

Someday we’ll have babies.
We’ll make a legacy.
All I want is an unbreakable bond,
For all the world to see.



Old and weathered,
Gray and stooped,
Ivy vines around
The window are looped.

The house that once
Was filled with laughter,
Now has cobwebs,
Lining each rafter.

Where once a beautiful
Table was laid,
The cloth is now torn,
While the colors fade.

The chandelier
Now lays in shards.
Weeds and bramble,
Have overtaken the yard.

The house that once
Was grand and great,
Now lies in ruin-
A terrible fate!

But even though
The splendor is gone,
The thought of days past,
Floats by in song.

The house that has
Lost its glory days,
Still smiles in the light
Of memory’s rays.



My Hope

I have this hope,
When the day gets dark,
When life is black,
And cold and stark.

I have this hope,
That brings the light,
And calms the storm,
That fills the night.

I have this hope,
That cheers me on,
And gives me courage
To fight to the dawn.

This hope that gives
Me strength each day,
It paves a path,
And guides my way.

It picks me up,
When I fall down.
And tells me of
My victor’s crown.

This hope that I’m
Not here in vain,
Shows me the prize,
That I will gain!


Mother’s Love

Such a tiny bundle,
Soft and oh so sweet;
A button for a nose,
Little bitty feet.

Perfect baby dear,
Innocent and serene.
Eyes so big and bright,
Taking in each scene.

But child of mine,
This world is cold.
It will batter you sore,
Until you are old.

There will be days,
That you hate your existence.
The light will be,
Far off in the distance.

Sometimes everything,
Will seem to go wrong.
But don’t lose heart;
I know you are strong!

Remember this first,
Above all else.
Choose family and love,
Over fame and wealth.

I’ll always love you,
No matter what comes your way,
And I’ll always be here,
When you’ve had a bad day.


A Passion and a Purpose


What is Passion? There are several definitions for the word passion. One refers to crime and hate. Another refers to ardent affection. But the one I want to look at is the one that states this: “intense, driving, overmastering feeling or conviction.”
For so many years of my life I didn’t know what my purpose was. I stumbled uncertainly back and forth because I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. There were too many options and I couldn’t make up my mind which one I should choose. I even came close to giving up because I felt worthless, like I didn’t belong or have anything to offer to the world.

When I was at one of my lowest points I came across a quote that has changed my life completely.


The more I thought about it the more it made sense. Then I had to ask myself what exactly my passion was. What was it that drove me intensely?

I knew I loved writing. I loved the feeling of fresh paper under my hands and a pencil gripped between my fingers. I loved pulling words out of nowhere; painting pictures and creating music out of syllables and phrases. But merely writing wasn’t enough. I needed to have a reason to write.

I wanted my words and thoughts to make a difference in this world. And that is where I found my passion. And when that unfolded I found my purpose. It was as if God himself whispered in my ear and the greatest peace touched my soul. I had been placed here on this despicable planet, so full of hate and violence, for a very specific reason. The thing that I loved doing the most had been gifted to me on purpose! I, just a lowly girl with nothing but my simple thoughts and scribbles, could use my talents to spread love and good tidings.

Something else became clearer to me through all of this as well. I realized that a life without some form of passion is merely existence. It’s flat. It’s pointless. And it will end. There will be that day when death has called and everything that has been done in vain will become dust and ashes.

All lives end but when a life full of purpose and direction comes to the end, we know that everything that has been accomplished will have a lasting effect on someone, if not many, and the reward of paradise will be justly deserved.

It saddens me to see so many living their lives with only themselves and their own personal happiness in mind. We were created as a brotherhood, intended to work together, contributing our own gifts for the benefit of the world and the rest of humanity.

Van Gogh stated, “I would rather die of passion than boredom.”

I can guarantee that if you take the time to find something to be passionate about and can help others in doing so, then you will experience many more amazing blessings and adventures than you could have ever imagined. When you stop looking for what is going to make you happy and stretch out your hand to help someone else in need, you will in turn experience greater happiness in your own life. Sometimes those moments are small and unexpected, but if you make it your habit and goal to continue to help others in spreading love you will never live to regret it!



Him Without Fault

We all have high ideals.
We judge by the lines.
Often it’s self conscious,
In the back of our minds.

Sometimes we forget,
That perfect isn’t real.
When we find a flaw,
It changes how we feel.

Too quickly we push away,
Someone that we find,
Has the common faults,
Bestowed upon mankind.

But one thing to remember,
Before you judge your neighbor,
Have you met the calling,
Without the slightest waver?

Have you lived above,
The marks of perfection?
Have you lived meek,
In humble subjection?

Have you turned your cheek,
When someone struck the other?
Have you treated every enemy,
As if they were your brother?

If you have lived your life,
According to this standard.
And if you didn’t stretch the truth,
When to this you answered.

I say well done to you.
Since perfect you are,
You may cast the first stone,
And I pray it goes far!



In the inky darkness,
I lay on the ground.
The chirping of crickets,
Is the only sound.

The blanket of stars,
Stretches above me,
While my thoughts race,
On through infinity.

I’m only a dot,
A speck in time.
Up from this planet,
I will never climb.

Beyond me lies,
The whole universe.
Yet I am here,
Because of a curse.