My life is often busy.
I’m rushing to and fro,
Caught up in the pressure,
To keep up with the show.

I’m busy pleasing people,
Trying to buy my way,
Into the good things,
That important people say.

There are many demands,
Upon my simple self.
I’ve got to keep on working,
Building up my wealth.

But all of this is taxing.
I just need a break.
There is only so much stress,
A human body can take.

So in this crazy rat race,
That we have called life,
I need to take a moment,
And forget about the strife.

A moment just to pause,
And fill my lungs with air;
Shut out all the worry,
And push away the care.

Just to stop and think,
About the little things,
From the dewdrops on a rose,
To the tune a bluebird sings.

When my mind is still,
And my anxious heart is calm,
I find that simply breathing,
Can be a healing balm.


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